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Give for Interior & Finishing of the Masjid

The Prophet (P.B.U.H) said:

“Whoever builds a mosque, desiring thereby Allah’s pleasure, Allah builds for him the like of it in paradise.”

The reward of building Allah’s house in this world is that Allah will build a house for you in Paradise and grant you a place in Heaven. By building a mosque, you’re not only bringing yourself closer to Allah but also anyone who comes in it.

So join us in building Masjid Uthman and Allah will prepare a beautiful house for you in the Hereafter.

Give for Masjid Operations

Allah, the Almighty, has said in the Quran:

“The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed of grain which grows seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies His award for whom He wills.”

Allah has a reward in store for every penny spent in His name. So donate now and help us in building His home and you will surely be rewarded for all your efforts.

Give Zakat

Our Prophet Muhammad has said:

“Allah has said: ‘Spend (on charity), O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you.’”

Zakat is compulsory for those who can afford it. But those of us who are living well enough should also try to give out Zakat, even if it’s a little. There are a lot of benefits of Zakat which include helping the community, the poor and the person themselves as Allah has prepared great rewards for the one who gives Zakat.

Give Sadaqah for Needy

Allah has said in the Quran:
“The believers, both man and woman, support each other; they order what is right and forbid what is wrong; they keep up the prayer and pay the prescribed alms; they obey Allah and His messenger. Allah will have mercy on such people. Allah is almighty and wise.”

A mosque becomes the center of many communities and allows Muslims to communicate and interact with each other and learn about the worries and hardships of the community and the needy. It allows them to be a part of one another’s happiness and sorrow and help them in tough times. Give us your Sadaqah and make ends meet for those seeking for help.

Donate by Zelle/QuickPay

Donate via QuickPay (with Zelle) using our email address:

Donate by Mail

Masjid Uthman
P.O. Box 2874
​Glen Ellyn, IL 60138

Checks payable to ‘Masjid Uthman’ can be mailed.  Include your mailing/email address so we can send an end of year receipt.